Our Goals

The Society has the aim to promote the awareness of Marie Schmolka. We would like to see her commemorated both in Prague and London, and install memorial plaques in Kamzíkova and Gospel Oak, Parliament Hill Mansions in Lissenden Gardens.

Moreover, we aim to promote research into women social workers during the Holocaust, whose role is far too often erased.

To this end, we seek donations to support for commemorative plaques, organize annual research workshops, and to announce a periodic prize for best article on women social workers during the Holocaust.

Společnost Marie Schmolkové – The Marie Schmolka Society, z.s. is a registered NGO in the Czech Republic (IČO: 074 43 021)

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Czech National Archives who allowed the use of Marie Schmolka’s passport photographs.

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We welcome interest in Marie Schmolka and other female social workers in the Holocaust. You can become inspired in the content in this website and are welcome to use it, as long as you cite the Marie Schmolka Society and include a link. Failing to do so is plagiarism.